How to Win More Projects Using Federal Grants

Published: March 4, 2022

Are you pushing all of your projects across the finish line? Do you feel like you’re leaving projects on the table because financing is missing from the equation? Numerous EDOs are taking advantage of federal grants and assistance to land a project in their area, and so can you! It starts with knowing what grants are available for your community to utilize. Once you have an awareness, it’s just as important to take advantage of them to help your community remain competitive in the current incentive landscape.

GSLI’s CEO, Eric Kleinsorge, was joined by John Zakian with GrantWorks. John is a federal grant and long-term disaster recovery subject matter expert, so he provided insights, tools and practical steps to help your community understand and utilize federal grants to land more projects.

Local, regional and state Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) walked away with:
-An understanding of the need for federal grants
-A knowledge of who to partner with for grant procurement, writing and management
-Practical ways to apply for grants and assistance