Global Site Location Industries, GSLI, Welcomes Ruston, LA as an ELITE City for Louisiana

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Ruston, Louisiana, becomes a GLSI Elite City

Global Site Location Industries (GSLI), a leading site selection and economic development consulting firm, is pleased to welcome Ruston, Louisiana, to the GSLI Elite Cities family. Through the lead generation partnership, GSLI will assist Ruston in developing relationships with site location decision-makers from companies planning facility expansions or relocations. 

“Ruston, Louisiana, is centrally located in northern Louisiana. As the Parish Seat of Lincoln Parish (County), Ruston is large enough to offer many wonderful amenities and small enough to maintain our unique small-town charms,” said Jade West, Economic Development Director for the City of Ruston, Louisiana. “As the home of Louisiana Tech University, Ruston has an exciting energy, offers a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, and maintains a pro-business attitude.”

GSLI Elite Cities are hand-picked for exhibiting a commitment to economic development, a motivation to be the best places in the country to locate a business, and willingness to work closely with all the principals in an economic development project to create all-around wins. Ruston joins an exceptional group of cities in Louisiana that meet the GSLI criteria and have been chosen to be GSLI Elite Cities. 

GSLI will focus its efforts on targeted expansion projects and developing relationships with key decision-makers through aggressive outreach on Ruston’s behalf. 

“Ruston is one of those cities that is a quiet powerhouse,” said Eric Kleinsorge, CEO and President of GSLI. “The town, led by the economic development team, is able to bring massive assets to businesses that are interested in putting down roots in a city that will always look out for them. It is easily one of the premier cities for expanding or relocating businesses in the south.”


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About Ruston: Ruston lies at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Highway 167, providing easy access to a number of national markets. The Parish has a rail line and regional airport to provide additional means of transportation for the community, which has the infrastructure in place to support further growth and development. Lincoln Parish is also home to a diverse economic base of both domestic and internationally based companies, including advanced manufacturing, technology/support services, healthcare, and financial services. Ruston is also home to some of the best K-12 schools in the region.

Ruston is the ideal place to start, expand or grow your business. You will find a business-friendly atmosphere, infrastructure to support your business, easy access to neighboring markets, access to a top-tier university, and a great quality of life. Come see what Ruston can do for you!

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