Global Site Location Industries, GSLI, Welcomes Hempstead, TX as an ELITE City for Texas

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Hempstead, Texas, becomes a GLSI Elite City

Global Site Location Industries (GSLI), a leading site selection and economic development consulting firm, is pleased to welcome Hempstead, Texas, to the GSLI Elite Cities family. Through the lead generation partnership, GSLI will assist Hempstead in developing relationships with site location decision-makers from companies planning facility expansions or relocations. 

“Just 50 miles from downtown Houston, Hempstead is the perfect place to build and grow a business,” said Clarence P. Landry, Jr., Director of Hempstead Economic Development Corporation. “We have access from here to everything Houston has, including educated workforces, highways, air shipping, and ports. But we offer small town life and safety, with lower costs and much higher quality of life.”

GSLI Elite Cities are hand-picked for exhibiting a commitment to economic development, a motivation to be the best places in the country to locate a business, and willingness to work closely with all the principals in an economic development project to create all-around wins. Hempstead joins an exceptional group of cities in Texas that meet the GSLI criteria and have been chosen to be GSLI Elite Cities. 

GSLI will focus its efforts on targeted expansion projects and developing relationships with key decision-makers through aggressive outreach on Hempstead’s behalf. 

“I am confident that GSLI will find many companies that would like to locate in Hempstead,” said Eric Kleinsorge, CEO and President of GSLI. “All the assets of Houston, without the expense, congestion, or big city hassles, make Hempstead the perfect place for every business that seeks to improve the bottom line and grow in a city that cares about them.”


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About Hempstead: The City of Hempstead is located 50 miles west of Downtown Houston, Texas and also located near strong academic institutions such as Prairie View A&M University, Texas A&M University, and Blinn College. While visiting the City of Hempstead, do not hesitate to stop and enjoy a mixture of the foods from Italian to Bar-B-Que. Be sure and try one of our really sweet and juicy watermelons, very sure to please! We look forward to you visiting our City.

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