Prospect Live – S2A Modular (Project Energy Homes)

Published: December 17, 2020

In this session, GSLI’s Project Director, Brooke Edwards, and Project Manager, Ashley Kleinsorge, introduce S2A Modular (Project Energy Homes) to communities and companies around the country.

The GSLI team helped communities identify the motivations, “must-haves” and tipping points of S2A Modular’s site location strategy by asking specific questions around topics like:

  • Key motivations and goals for the 35 new facility locations by 2023
  • Key site criteria needs
  • S2A Modular’s specific proposal needs, identifying “must-haves” vs “nice-to-haves”
  • Recently announced locations and the decision making process behind them

The webinar provided an opportunity for over 40 communities to get answers directly from S2A Modular’s Chief Growth Officer, Sharon Amecua.


S2A Modular Project Overview:

Location Interest: Multiple locations of interest across the U.S.
New Jobs Created: 150 y1, 250 y2
Acreage needed: 30-40 acres of shovel ready land. Must be located near a major interstate or highway. Company to build structures totalling 250,000 sq ft at each location.
Time Frame: 3-6 months start up at each location, 35 locations identified by 2023
Economic impact at each location: $80 million
Capital Investment at each location: $30 million