Prospect Live – Project Steel Housing

Published: July 22, 2021

Join the GSLI site selection team for an in-depth project needs discussion with the Blair, CEO of Project Steel Housing, a manufacturer of single and multifamily steel frame housing and steel frame panels.

The company is looking for a site along the Gulf Coast, where natural disasters such as hurricanes are likely to occur and communities are in need of more sustainable housing for safety. Though the company is willing to look at both existing building and land options, an existing building would need to be 65,000 sq ft with room to grow to 100,000 sq ft. The project will employ around 300 people (production) by year 2.

If your community would be interested in a project like this, or you know a community that could assist, we welcome all parties to join us and learn more! If you aren’t a great fit but would like to learn more about this type of project, register today!

The initial States In Consideration: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida.

Submission Deadline: August 13 @5pm CST