Prospect Live – Project Metal Fab

Published: January 28, 2021

During this Prospect Live webinar, EDO’s learned about a project that can turn a brown field-building into wage earning jobs. Join GSLI as we speak with Project Metal Fab’s Vice President of Sales, Pat, to discuss the motivation and specific needs of their expansion project. If you are interested in submitting sites on the project please see below. 

Project  Metal Fab Overview:
Location Interest: All of United States, Southwestern, Southeastern U.S.
New Jobs Created: 50
Sq. Ft. Needs: 20,000-40,000 +/- sq ft, open to looking at larger facilities
Build or Lease: Looking for an existing building to lease or buy
Time Frame: 6 months

Submission Information:

If you’d like to submit a proposal with sites to Metal Fab, please do so directly by logging in as a guest in the  Project Portal. Search Metal Fab, claim your free lead, and quickly submit a proposal.

Non-alliance member communities are provided one free lead submission on GSLI projects. Non-member communities receive 1 submission per 12-month time frame. Please review the project scope before submitting. Our team vets all submissions and will review proposals with Pat after the submission deadline has passed. We appreciate your cooperation with our policy and we look forward to reviewing your submission!

If you have identified that you do not meet the minimum critical site criteria, we ask that you please do not submit on this project. Real estate costs are requested for inclusion in your proposal. Please also provide any economic opportunities that might pertain to the project – the project is very deal motivated. GSLI and Project Metal Fab ask that you do not upload submission packets over 30 pages long.

Submission deadline: Monday, February 15th 2021 at 5 P.M. CST