Prospect Live – Project Hitch

Published: June 10, 2021

Listen to GSLI’s latest Prospect Live Webinar with Project Hitch, a Southeast manufacturer of premium trailers, storage buildings and shed solutions.

GSLI sat down with the CEO to uncover motivations and needs for the company’s facility expansion plans. The company is looking for a 20-25 acre greenfield site to construct a 160,000 sq ft facility within the next 9-12 months. The company prefers greenfield land, but they are open to an existing building for lease. The project will employ 150 people, with the potential for more as they actively scale the company’s retail footprint.

Communities capable of meeting the project’s needs, and located within the geographic states of interest, are encouraged to make a site submission. Non-members can utilize their one free lead submission if they haven’t submitted on a GSLI project within the past 12 months.

Regions In Consideration: Southeast
States of Interest: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama


Submission Deadline: July 1st, 5 P.M. CST

Submission Information

If you’d like to submit a site proposal to Project Hitch,  please login as a member or guest GSLI Project Portal. Search “Hitch”and quickly submit your proposal.

GSLI loves working with non-member communities! Non-member communities receive 1 submission every 12 months. Please review the project scope before making your submission. Our team vets all submissions, and we will review proposals with the Hitch team after the submission deadline has passed. Member sites receive first review from the project.

If you do not meet the minimum site criteria, we ask that you do not submit on this project. Out of consideration for the company’s time, we are requesting sites that can at least meet the minimum site requirements. Please include a cover letter expressing your interest in the project and how you can provide solutions to their needs. Provide any economic opportunities that might pertain to the project.

Project Hitch’s corporate team asks that you do not upload submission packets over 30 pages long. We appreciate your consideration and time, and we look forward to reviewing your submission!