Next Gen Site Selection Fam Tour Hacks

Published: October 19, 2022

Site selection “VIP”, “Red Carpet”, or “Fam” [familiarization] tours of a region are a decades-old business attraction strategy. While there is no recipe for baking the perfect fam tour cake, the ingredients, equipment, and techniques have changed and continue to evolve. Want to ace your next [or first] fam tour in 2023, what should be top of mind?

The GSLI team sat down with Mike Grella from Grella Partnership Strategies to discuss our own experience and expertise on the key elements for planning and hosting the next generation of Fam tour including:

-The who, what, when, where and why of Fam Tours

-How to curate the potential attendee list

-#avoidingtheepicfail of a poorly run fam tour

-A discussion on the benefits of a “dry run fam tour”#makemistakeswhennobodyswatching – The importance of leveraging data analytics to tell your community’s story

-How a third-party consultant can help leverage experience and expertise to ensure you have an epic fam tour

– & so much more!!

We hope you walk away with new insights and practical tips to conduct your next fam tour in 2023!

Want to review the webinar slides? Take a deep dive into the content covered on the webinar by downloading the webinar slides.