Larkin Simpson departs Louisiana Central economic development; will be COO for the Madison County EDA in Canton, Mississippi

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Larkin Simpson, EDFP, IOM, has accepted a new role as the Chief Operations Officer for the Madison County Economic Development Authority in Canton, Mississippi. Simpson is resigning his role as Executive Vice President for Louisiana Central, the dba for Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance. Louisiana Central covers ten parishes in the state, as both an economic development organization and a regional business thought leader.

“My sadness is that we will miss Larkin both personally and professionally,” said Jim Clintion, President & CEO, of Louisiana Central, in a message to the organization’s Board of Directors. “He has been a critically important member of the Louisiana-Central team since his first day here. His leadership and work have been important as we have navigated through a great deal of change, the challenges associated with renovating and moving into our new headquarters, transforming our business recruitment process. building a new brand and organizational name, plus all of the obstacles associated with COVID-19. I am deeply grateful to him for all of his hard work and support.

“My happiness is because he has been recruited into a great job in a rapidly growing, dynamic region. Larkin and his family will be returning to their native Mississippi. They have been major contributors to the fabric of our community and will be greatly missed.”

Louisiana Central acts as a catalyst, leader, and connector to build a knowledge and innovation-driven economy so that their region will continue growing into a uniquely creative, inclusive, and entrepreneurial place.

“I have greatly enjoyed serving the central Louisiana region for the last five years,” Larkin Simpson wrote to Board members and the public. “It has been an honor and special time in my career to help lead, first CLEDA, and now Louisiana Central and serve the community. Our family has truly enjoyed our time in central Louisiana and will think of it fondly. 

“I believe the ten-parish region is in a much stronger position poised for success through many of the initiatives we have led over the years. Central Louisiana is a truly remarkable place with wonderful people, passionate about where they live. Growth will come through dedicated leadership and community members actively working hand-in-hand for the future the citizenry wants to establish. 

“Central Louisiana has some great assets which make it a great place to do business. The people and their work ethic are central to the success of the industries located here and a key to attracting new industry to the region. The efforts of education, private, and public institutions who come together to address challenges and seek a better future will continue to lead the way to increased attraction and recognition for the region. The state has some challenges, and this region does not always get the recognition it deserves, but through aggressive action and engaged private, public, and civic leadership, I believe this region deserves as much recognition and investment as any other throughout the state. 

“Over the next few months, our family will be transitioning back to Mississippi and closer to family. This is a decision we have made with a lot of prayer and thought. We believe God led us to Louisiana and He is taking us on a new path. We will try to follow where He leads. We truly appreciate the support and encouragement of this community and wish you all the best for continued success!”

Madison County Economic Development Authority in Canton, Mississippi, is the leader of economic development for the region. MCEDA’s mission is to encourage the growth of the county’s existing business and industry, attract new investment and good-paying jobs, and increase Madison County’s competitiveness, leading to a diverse, vibrant economy benefitting all the county’s citizens.


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About Louisiana Central: Louisiana Central, formerly known as CLEDA, are excited to step into a new era of growth and prosperity for their region. Louisiana Central shows a renewed commitment to the work of ensuring the region will continue growing into a uniquely creative, inclusive, and entrepreneurial place. It is the heart of a ten-parish coalition that has created one of the most exciting and dynamic business regions in the country. More than just a business follower, Louisiana Central elevates the region’s idea of what’s possible, by establishing visions, frameworks, and blueprints for the future.

About Madison County Economic Development Authority: Located in Canton, Mississippi, MCEDA is the heart of a vibrant business community that includes a pro-business government, a community college built around providing students with the skills that local businesses need, and a quality of life that is inviting to locals and outsiders alike. With cutting-edge tech businesses, traditional manufacturing, and a centuries-old agricultural base, the region is ideal for businesses of all kinds. 

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