Workforce Readiness – Insuring Your Employers Have The Employees They Need

Published: May 4, 2022

Skilled workers are the backbone of a productive and successful economy. When your community can set the table for incoming employers, you not only deliver services where they are needed, but you build an advantageous partnership of shared growth within your business ecosystem.

In this session, our team was joined by Patrick Vanderpool, Executive Director of the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corporation, to explore the federal workforce system and the optimal tools and resources to help you develop a community workforce model. Pat was joined by his peers and fellow industry experts as they shared local examples of business/workforce collaboration and projects.

On this webinar, communities learned:
1. Overview of the federal workforce system
2. Tools for workforce data collection – supply and demand
3. Suggestions and outline for a community development model
4. Examples of workforce development strategies