Boonvile, Ind. – Global Site Location Industries (GSLI), a leading site selection and economic development consulting firm, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Success Warrick County (Warrick County, Indiana). Through a strategically planned lead generation partnership, GSLI will assist Warrick County in establishing relationships with site location developers planning operations for business expansion.

“With a pro-growth attitude and southern Indiana charm, Warrick County is the ideal place for businesses seeking to locate in a 100% pro-business community,” said Steve Roelle, Executive Director for Success Warrick County. “With 75% of the populations of the U.S. and Canada within a day’s drive, Warrick is the center of everything. We look forward to working with GSLI to spread the word far and wide about our perfect home for business.”

Warrick County takes the best of Indiana, the best of Southwest Indiana, and adds our own flavor to create a place where you can truly work, live, and play. They’re located at the Crossroads of America – a one day drive to 75% of the US and Canadian Populations. An area with low taxes, excellent local incentive packages, and a business-forward government, Warrick County is ready to welcome every business.

GSLI’s Elite marketing programs will help Success Warrick County to increase their business attraction efforts through targeted industry marketing, trade show exposure, and relationship building with site location decision-makers. GSLI will support development efforts in Boonville and Warrick County, Indiana, by effectively targeting growing industries and executing their toughest business attraction goals.

“Warrick County is uniquely situated for businesses that have any commerce with the Great Lakes, the East Coast, and Texas, not to mention the largest cities in Canada. Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare / Life Sciences, Plastics, Logistics, and Innovators will find a welcoming home in Warrick County. That’s why they call it Success Warrick County,” said Eric Kleinsorge, CEO and Chairman of GSLI.

GSLI Partners with the Warrick County, Indiana

About Warrick County, Indiana:

Warrick County is the best of Southwest Indiana, delivering a pro-business area with all the amenities a business needs. ● Pro Business Climate and Policies ● Advanced Countywide Broadband Project ● Industrial Parks ready for you to plant your flag ● Award winning school system ● Regionally low taxes ● Expansive Neighborhoods ● Main Streets & Town Squares ● Growing Parks & Trail Network


GSLI Partners with the Warrick County, Indiana

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