GSLI Announce Chris Hines to Their Business Development Team!

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DALLAS, TX – June, 15 2022: Global Site Location Industries (GSLI) confirmed an additional member to its business development team this week.  This position will further support the ongoing growth and expansion of GSLI’s Elite Cities Network. Christopher Hines will officially fulfill the role of Business Development Director June 20, 2022.  Mr. Hines brings more than 20 years of economic development and corporate recruitment experience to the GSLI Team.

“I am excited to bring my economic development background to a team that has the same belief of business attraction and job creation for communities as I do.  I feel my creative problem-solving approach to help communities will play a valuable role in GSLI’s continued growth.  It’s exciting,” remarked Christopher when asked about accepting the position.

Christopher earned his Degree from Graceland University, in Behavioral Science and Communications and brings a unique, dynamic, and versatile leadership style for effective, results-oriented management. For more than two decades, Hines has held leadership positions in Chambers of Commerce and economic development organizations in several dynamic economic environments including Myrtle Beach, SC, Kansas City, MO, Overland Park, KS and Port Lavaca, TX.  Christopher is a seasoned executive with a record of developing and directing award winning marketing initiatives and has recruited companies in the areas of manufacturing, bioscience/animal health, transportation/logistics, headquarters, and information technology.

“It’s exciting to have individuals on our team that understand what we do from an Economic Development Professionals point of view,” added GSLI CEO Eric Kleinsorge. “From our first conversation I knew Christopher simply got it.  There was an instant connection and understanding of GSLI’s mission.  Economic Development is a tricky industry to fully understand and it’s a joy to work with someone who already knows it’s importance,” Kleinsorge concluded. 

About Global Site Location Industries

Global Site Location Industries (GSLI) is a multi-facet advisory firm facilitating economic growth through advisory for both corporate site location projects and economic development growth.

GSLI plays a leading role in presenting streamlined, refined, practical, and effective solutions for a variety of site selection expansion projects and economic development lead generation needs – all contributing to job creation, greater payrolls, and more investment in communities.