Global Trade Magazine Announces Bret Ronk as Publisher

DALLAS, TX – 10 November, 2020: Global Trade Magazine confirmed additional members of its leadership team this week to further support the publication’s ongoing growth and client support efforts. Bret Ronk will officially fulfill the role of publisher and VP of Sales effective [insert date here]. Mr. Ronk brings more than 10 years of publishing and leadership experience and will primarily support initiatives in content delivery and client support key audiences in the global business arena.
“I plan on leading the team by example and through collaboration, in order to drive the business forward and exceed market demands,” Ronk said. “My expertise lies in a multiple platform approach that provides relevant and pertinent information to our readers. This will result in providing return on investment to our customers and advertisers, as well as reader engagement.”
Mr. Ronk earned a Master’s in Business Administration, specializing in Business Management from the University of Dallas and represents a unique, dynamic, and versatile leadership style for effective, results-oriented management. For more than two decades, he fulfilled executive leadership roles for companies including McGraw-Hill Publishing, GULF Publishing, and The Blue Book Network.
“I am certain Bret is a great fit within our GSLI culture,” added Global Trade Magazine CEO Eric Kleinsorge. “The enthusiasm, character and passion Bret brings to the table reflects the heart and soul of what company is made of. It is important to the evolving needs of global businesses that outstanding leadership is at the core of what we do. Adding Bret to our team provides a key element to achieving success for our clients,” Kleinsorge concluded.

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