Planning a facility expansion project?

Streamline your efforts and  resources with efficient site location planning for a facility expansion project. What does this look like for your company? 

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Connected expertise for efficient and facility expansion projects.

GSLI helps clients identify and negotiate numerous cost saving opportunities for new facility expansion projects. Our site location services are for companies seeking to relocate facilities, expand into new markets, or locate new sites for additional capacity without the hassle of locating information themselves.

Incentive Negotiation
& Compliance

GSLI leverages extensive experience to locate and conduct incentive negotiations for net overall value
or cost reduction for the company.

Manufacturing/ Distribution Expansion Project Strategy

 We’ll help provide the most strategic locations for your facility considering proximity to suppliers and current and projected customer growth estimates.

Facility Location

Learn about possible areas and their assets that can critically impact your location success. GSLI will identify community assets that align with
your perfect project’s needs.

Confidential Project
Need Exposure

GSLI’s Prospect Live webinars gives you immediate and confidential exposure to a network of city/state officials ready with solutions to your needs.

Regional Location
Advantages and Assets

GSLI’s network of thousands of economic development officials delivers accurate and immediate data evaluating a
region’s assets and industry clusters.

Network and
Resource Access

GSLI’s advisory board is made up of long time partners and experts ready to assist you from site selection to ribbon cutting and everything in between.

Streamline your Facility Expansion Project search with a GSLI Prospect Live Webinar

GSLI’s site selection assistance let’s you quickly and easily discuss your project’s needs with key community leaders in your geographic site search.

With a GSLI Prospect Live Webinar you can streamline communication and refocus your time to:

Incentive Negotiation & Compliance

We can help your company optimize a cost effective decision through economic incentives negotiations on a local and state level.

We negotiate project tailor made incentives by helping:

GSLI helps executive teams streamline their Facility Expansion Project and locate optimal cost-effective locations for new facility expansion or relocation projects.

What does this mean for your project?

Follow a Defined 5 Step Process to Success

Learn the critical process of site location. There’s a unique methodology that could make or break the success of your project.

Locate Hidden Available Incentives

Understand incentive landscape and utilize GSLI’s negotiating tactics to optimize your incentive packages.

Optimize Resources & Key Decision Maker's Time

GSLI partners with a network of 4,000 Economic Development Organizations ready to help understand your project’s needs

Maximize Real Estate Transactions

GSLI is teamed with NAI Robert Lynn to negotiate sale and lease transactions. This ensures maximum cost savings for your company.

Over the last 25 years, GSLI has identified projects that create economic impact for communities.

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