Global Site Location Industries (GSLI), a leading site selection and economic development consulting firm, is pleased to welcome Cuming County, Nebraska, to the GSLI Elite family. Through their lead generation partnership, GSLI will assist Cuming County in developing relationships with site location decision-makers from companies planning facility expansions or relocations.

“As the nation’s leading beef producer, Cuming County is the ideal location for food processing and distribution,” said David Branch, Executive Director of Cuming County Economic Development, Inc. “Nebraska is a pro-business state with a leadership from top-to-bottom prepared to help relocating and expanding companies setup in our great state. Cuming County is the perfect place to build a business with an infrastructure designed for dynamic business growth. We’re ready to help you grow in Cuming County, Nebraska.”

GSLI Elite Locations are hand-picked for exhibiting a commitment to economic development, a motivation to be the best places in the country to locate a business, and willingness to work closely with all the principals in an economic development project to create all-around wins. Cuming County joins an exceptional group of locations that meet the GSLI criteria and have been chosen to be GSLI Elite Locations.

GSLI will focus its efforts on targeted expansion projects and developing relationships with key decision-makers through aggressive outreach on Cuming County’s behalf.

“Cuming County is the leading beef producer in the nation,” said Eric Kleinsorge, CEO of GSLI. “The workforce of this amazing county knows how to work hard. As the economy has evolved, Cuming County has created an ideal home for business related to the beef industry, as well as other businesses that need a great workforce, a strong business environment, and reasonable cost of living. No matter what your industry, Cuming County is worth a look.”

Cuming County, NE, becomes a GLSI Elite Location

About Cumming County ED Inc:

Cuming County Economic Development, Inc. (CCED, Inc.) is a partner to CCED, a county-wide economic development organization that works to create opportunities for businesses to start, grow or move to Cuming County, Nebraska. Our mission statement and principal purpose is to undertake activities to encourage the retention and attraction of businesses in the area to help enhance the county’s economy by focusing on business retention and expansion, people recruitment, business recruitment, community betterment and housing.


Cuming County, NE, becomes a GLSI Elite Location

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