5 Ways To Land On A Project’s Shortlist

Published: November 5, 2020

A poorly constructed proposal can quickly end your ability to talk to a project. Increase interest and conversations in your community’s assets with a competitive proposal! Watch our free webinar & learn insights, best practices and action items on how to land on a project’s short list.

Questions covered: 

Ryan Vessell, VP Of Innovation & Growth Strategy at Tyson Foods

  • What are 3 things you take into consideration when looking at a community’s proposal to your project
  • Should a community still submit a proposal even if they do not meet your project’s exact needs?  How important are incentives in your decision making?
  • Should communities present opportunities for cost savings in their proposals?

Daniella Gallagher, VP of Economic Development, SunCorridor Inc.

  • In your perspective, what are the top 5 things that need to be addressed in a response packet to a prospect? 
  • With some of the successful projects you have landed, or almost landed, what 3 things would you attribute to your ability to work the project?
  • You get a new lead. Briefly take us through your process of crafting a proposal for them.

Chris Schupp, Executive Managing Director, NAI Robert Lynn

  • While conducting market research for a site, what factors play into an EDC’s success in landing on your client’s short list? 

  • Do you typically ask for site proposals from a community? If so, what information is relevant for you to evaluate? 

  • How important are digital means to showcase buildings and assets compared to in person visits? Amid COVID-19 and beyond, is digital the new way to go? Why or why not?

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